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2022 Jun 03

2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverletter14.html
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverReview of Clearwire
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverControversial Ideas about Programming
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverReview of Clock Tower 3
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverNotes about .hack
2013 Jun 21Gene Michael StoverThe corporate surveillance machine in action
2008 Apr 21Gene Michael StoverComparison of CGI Performance in Some Programming Languages
2021 Nov 02Jean ZeeAuthentication for scripts in Second Life & the web servers they talk to
2022 Apr 24Gene Michael Stoverambient knowledge
2002 Jul 01ITU-TX.683 Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Parameterization of ASN.1 specifications
2008 Apr 21Gene Michael Stoverprint-list.cxx
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael StoverSimple Speed Test Between a Bunch of Languages
2004 Mar 12Gene Michael StoverReview of Lifeline
2021 Sep 21Gene Michael Stover/sito/wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml
2022 Jan 23Jean Zee02_use_cases.txt
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverReview of dot-Hack//Infection
2021 Sep 22Gene Michael Stover/cms//?author=1
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverThe Proper Use of Garbage Collection in C++
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverCBDTPA Bibliography
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverdebug.c
2022 Jan 24unknown/mifs/.;/services/LogService
2003 Oct 25Gene Michael StoverHow Expensive is TCP's Keep-Alive Feature?
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoveropen e-mail
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stovermake-data0010.c
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0011.txt
2021 Sep 22Gene Michael Stoverxmlrpc.php
2003 Apr 30Gene Michael StoverWhy You Should Use Garbage Collection in Your Program
2021 Dec 21Gene Michael Stover/nilsson_principles/ex_01_01.lisp
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0001.txt
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverekko.c
2021 Sep 21Gene Michael Stoverjean_zee.css
2021 Aug 27Gene Michael Stoverthings by gene
2004 Feb 01Gene Michael Stovertail-f.exe
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverThe CSS files at cybertiggyr.com
2022 May 14Gene Michael StoverReview of Sweet Sound of Death
2021 Aug 28Gene Michael Stovera human-readable sitemap
2021 Oct 06Jean Zeefakemac.py
2022 May 12Gene Michael StoverThe Democrat party hopes to use the terrible Supreme Court (draft) decision, & they will fail
2020 May 03Gene Michael StoverThoughts about The Last Broadcast movie
2002 Aug 20Gene Michael StoverThe UID & EUID in CGI Programs
2022 Mar 23Gene Michael Stoverprint.css
2022 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverInsanity Tables for Cthulhu over GURPS
2005 Mar 24Gene Michael StoverTerminal Velocity in a Vacuum
2022 Apr 16Gene Michael StoverCthulhu-like Sanity Rules for Shoreline GURPS Collective
2021 Dec 21Gene Michael Stover/nilsson_principles/ex_01_02.lisp
2021 Dec 21Gene Michael StoverExercises from Nilsson's Principles of Artificial Intelligence
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverthroughput-6.cpio.bz2
2012 Feb 13Gene Michael StoverHow Much Would It Hurt To Balance The USA's Budget?
2021 Aug 31Gene Michael Stoverthings by other people
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0009.txt
1997 Jan 01VaX#n8The Source of All Tape Knowledge
2004 Feb 01Gene Michael Stovertail-f.exe: Simple tail for Microsloth Windows
2021 Dec 25Gene Michael Stover/mpg/mpg.lisp
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0017.txt
2021 Oct 31Gene Michael Stoverbasic.css
2004 Jul 16Gene Michael StoverGenerating HTML with Lisp & Templates
1900 Jan 01ITU-TX.690 Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Specification of Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER)
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0015.txt
1997 Mar 03Gene Michael StoverDeath by Panang
2021 Dec 22Gene Michael Stover/nilsson_principles/ex_01_03.lisp
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverresults-0001-40.html
2021 Dec 12Gene Michael StoverI realize that A.G.I. is hard
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverMy entry for the ICFP 2001 programming contest
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverletter to Congress
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverlexer.c
2003 Jan 11unknownundelete0.c
2003 Oct 05Gene Michael StoverNotes about VBScript
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0012.txt
2021 Sep 11Gene Michael Stover/config/getuser?index=0
2005 Nov 22Gene Michael StoverLisp Idioms
2021 Nov 22Gene Michael StoverMaybe we shouldn't have called it AI
2004 Feb 01Gene Michael Stovertail-f.c
2004 Nov 09Gene Michael StoverPrinting PostScript Files from Microsoft Windows (PDF)
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverpresident.html
2021 Sep 03Gene Michael StoverWhen to use the Tor browser (and when not to use it)
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverTest Suite for Sun/ONC RPC
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverComparing Some IPC Methods on Unix
2021 Sep 20Jean Zeefakemac.lsl
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverletter15.html
2005 Jul 12Gene Michael StoverNotes about Xenosaga
2011 Oct 02Frank SchaefferMichele Bachmann Was Inspired By My Dad and His Christian Reconstructionist Friends -- Here's Why That's Terrifying
2002 Jun 01Jason H. StoverA rate of convergence for a particular estimate of a noise-contaminated chaotic time series
2006 Mar 01Gene Michael StoverSelf-Printing Programs
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0005.txt
2021 Dec 09Gene Michael StoverIs encryption useless without authentication?
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0000.txt
2021 Sep 07Gene Michael Stoverfavicon.ico
2021 Dec 18Gene Michael Stover//app/.env
2021 Oct 04Jean ZeeKeeping secrets in your LSL scripts
2004 Feb 11Gene Michael StoverExperiment in Web Article Style
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverresults-0001-30.html
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0020.txt
1487 Jan 03Heinrich KramerMalleus Maleficarum
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stovercounter.c
1900 Jan 01Jason H. StoverKWIC concordances, word senses and geometric sums of stationary random variables
2021 Sep 22Gene Michael StoverWho is Gene Michael Stover?
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0002.txt
2021 Sep 22Gene Michael Stoverxmlrpc.php
2002 Jul 13Gene Michael StoverReview of Rez
2022 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverPen & Paper RPG index
1999 Oct 17Gene Michael StoverGene's comment about Star Trek Technology
2022 Feb 02Gene Michael StoverAPI doesn't mean what you think it means
2004 Nov 09Gene Michael Stoverprint-postscript.exe
2012 Apr 19Gene Michael StoverQuestions About E-Books
2022 Jun 03Gene Michael StoverMiles Per Gallon
2002 Apr 06Tim MooreCLOSminded: Slot Accessor Names Matter
1994 Jul 24Gene Michael StoverGuide to Monterey for SCUBA Divers version 2
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverGenetic Programming for Entire Applications
2022 Apr 23Gene Michael StoverList of We-Are-In-A-Simulation Stories
2003 Dec 06Gene Michael StoverIntroduction to Unix & SDF
2002 Aug 20Gene Michael Stovershow-uid-c.c
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverBaseline Testing
1993 Dec 26Gene Michael StoverXMAS 1993
2011 Aug 27Gene Michael StoverWhy Harvey Golub should pay his taxes
2005 Nov 27Gene Michael StoverNotes about Purely Functional Data Structures
2003 Jan 11Gene Michael StoverAncient Undelete Programs
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverletter16.html
2004 Nov 09Gene Michael Stoverprint-postscript.c
2022 Mar 23Gene Michael Stoverscreen.css
2022 Jan 22Jean ZeeGroup-Oriented, Polite Parcel Orb
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverCGI Experiments
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverresults-0001-25.html
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0010.txt
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverStrSubst functions
2009 Nov 14Gene Michael StoverThe purpose of the Quality Assurance Team in software development
2004 Aug 03Gene Michael StoverVigenere Cipher in Lisp
2021 Sep 21Jean Zeefakemac.sh
2004 Apr 06Gene Michael StoverTales from the Programming Trenches
2004 Nov 09Gene Michael StoverMakefile
2021 Sep 22Gene Michael Stover/cms//?author=2
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverdebug.h
2003 Jan 11unknownundelete1.c
1900 Jan 01ITU-TX.690 Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Specification of Packed Encoding Rules (PER)
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverReview of Siren
2022 Mar 23Gene Michael Stover/dashboard/php-info.php
2022 Jun 01Gene Michael StoverCyberpunk & Hacking Movies
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverthroughput-6.tar.gz
2022 Jan 22Jean Zeepolite_group_parcel.txt
2002 Jul 01ITU-TX.682 ASN.1 Constraint specification
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0003.txt
2021 Oct 31Gene Michael Stoverfrontmatter.css
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverCopyright Quick-Start for Online Authors
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverinfornography-a.jpg
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0016.txt
2005 Jul 03Gene Michael StoverNotes about the USA's War on Terror
2006 May 29Gene Michael StoverNotes about Economcs
2022 May 09Gene Michael StoverTest app privacy policy
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverthis.h
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertotoro.tar.gz
2007 Sep 10Gene Michael StoverQuality assurance isn't a step in the development cycle
2004 Mar 13Gene Michael StoverThe Truth about Type Safety in Programming Languages
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverPrevent the CBDTPA
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stovertest0011-out.c
2013 Feb 17Gene Michael StoverHas the American empire already ended?
2022 Mar 23Gene Michael Stover/php-info.php
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverGopher Space
2022 Jan 23Jean ZeeJean Zee (Second Life blog)
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0008.txt
2021 Sep 21Jean Zeesha1.sh
2013 Jan 14Gene Michael StoverIs Iran the perpetrator of DDoS attacks on US banks?
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stovercpio How-To & Quick Start
2021 Sep 21Gene Michael Stover.env
2006 Mar 12Gene Michael StoverNotes about Purely Function Data Structures
2002 Apr 09Larry ClappLisp with Vim
2007 Mar 07Wikipedia editorssilent_hill_wikipedia_2007.pdf
2014 Jun 09Gene Michael StoverWhen is war used?
2002 Apr 29Gene Michael Stoverfibx.cxx
2022 Feb 22Gene Michael Stover/mpg/gene.db
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverAdvanced Use of Lisp's FORMAT Function
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverresults-0001-20.html
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverresults-0001-35.html
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverA Case When eval is Necessary
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoveressay.css
1900 Jan 01A UO Gold FarmerConfessions of a UO Gold Farmer
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverfibc.c
1991 Jan 01anonymousThe People With Holes In Their Heads
2003 Oct 01ITU-TX.680 ASN.1 Amendment 1: Support for EXTENDED-XER
2003 May 11Gene Michael StoverWhat Happened to lisp-p.org?
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverlexer.c
2012 Dec 29Gene Michael StoverHow to reduce the rate of gun violence in the USA
2006 Sep 13Gene Michael StoverProgramming utilities for Microsoft Windows's event log
2022 Jan 23Jean ZeeConfig_template.txt
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverFun with Post Script
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverOpen letters to governmental personell
1995 Oct 30Gene Michael StoverDolphins
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stovertest0016-out.c
2013 Jul 02Gene Michael StoverTo cancel Netflix or not to cancel Netflix
2021 Sep 08Gene Michael Stover/.aws/credentials
2014 Jul 01Gene Michael StoverMy GnuPG public key
2021 Sep 11Gene Michael Stover/cms/wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0006.txt
1985 Jan 01Tony KarpBabbage - The Language Of The Future
2021 Sep 03Gene Michael StoverA history of predictions about automation & online privacy
2002 Dec 01Gene Michael StoverMy BibTeX Database
2022 Jan 23Jean Zee01_setup.txt
2002 Mar 18ITU-TITU-T X.692 Series X: Data Networks and Open System Communications OSI networking and system aspects Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
2011 Jan 17Gene Michael StoverThere's no excuse for unemployment
2013 Jan 17Gene Michael StoverGene's short & hopefully entertaining introduction to CGI for people who already know how to program
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverReview of .hack soundtrack
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoverletter13.html
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stoveropti.lisp
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0007.txt
2021 Sep 20Jean Zeefakemac.lisp
1995 Dec 18Gene Michael StoverEcstasy
2003 May 01Gene Michael StoverWeb & Print Log 2003, 2004
2011 Nov 28Damien Doligez, Luc Maranget, Pierre WeisICFP 2001 Programming Contest Challenge Task version 4
2021 Aug 27Gene Michael Stover/etc/passwd
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoverpathnames-0.pdf
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael Stovertest0004.txt
2002 Oct 24Gene Michael StoverReview of Blood Rayne
2003 Feb 19Gene Michael StoverGuidelines for Authors
2004 Apr 15Gene Michael StoverNotes about Delphi
2010 Dec 25Gene Michael Stover(What happened to) Book of the Forever Damned
2004 Nov 09Gene Michael StoverPrinting PostScript Files from Microsoft Windows
2002 Sep 16Darius BaconA Hacker's Introduction to Partial Evaluation
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stoveropaque-out.c
2003 May 05Gene Michael StoverConverting XML to Lisp via Perl
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverresults-0001-37.html
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael Stoverresults.template
2022 Jan 23Jean Zee00_overview.txt
2003 Jan 11unknownundelete2.c
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverREADME
1987 Jan 01Leon MyersonStar Trek Technology
2022 Jan 23Jean Zee03_caveats.txt
2021 Aug 31Gene Michael Stoverrobots.txt
2013 Jul 28Gene Michael StoverReview of SANDY HOOK - The Documentary
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael Stovermake-data-files.c
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverEditorial: Internal Changes
1900 Jan 01Gene Michael StoverShould a build system allow multiple versions of the same component?
2022 Jan 23Jean ZeeConfig.txt
2006 Sep 13Gene Michael Stoverwel9.html
2002 Apr 28Gene Michael StoverFibber.java
2002 Jul 01ITU-TX.680 Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
2011 Nov 28Gene Michael StoverGene's OpenGL experiments (GOGL)