Has the American empire already ended?

by Gene Michael Stover

created Sunday, 2013-02-17 T 22:52:27Z
updated Monday, 2013-02-18 T 00:31:13Z

Some of us have noticed that the USAian empire is in decline, & we've been expecting a war that would end the USAian empire the way WW2 ended the British empire.

Instead, what if the USAian empire has already ended? What if the USAian empire ended due to internal transformation, but nobody changed its name? So the USAian empire is already gone, already replaced by a new empire, but we haven't realized it yet?

What was that transformation? It was the transformation that made corporations first-class citizens & individual humans something less. It wasn't a single legal decision such as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, though that & other legal precedents contributed. The transformation was a lengthy process of legal & other changes. It started more than a hundred years ago & is mostly complete.

Wouldn't that explain a lot of things we see today including how our elected representatives don't effectively represent the humans who elected them?

Wouldn't it also explain how efforts to prevent a transition to corporatism have stalled? They make little or no progress because they assume the transition is just getting started when the transition is long since underway & almost complete.

What does it mean if this is true?


...expecting a war...
Doesn't mean that I'm encouraging a war or that I would in any way be even mildly pleased if a war happens. "Expecting" doesn't mean "want to experience".
...elected representatives don't effectively represent the humans who elected them...
Democrats, Republicans, Occupiers, & others all recognize this on one level or another, though they express it in different ways & attribute it to different causes. You can see this if you examine what people want beneath the specifics of their fears & gripes.
...they assume the transition is just getting started...
It's difficult to prevail in a conflict if you don't understand your own starting position.