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timestampTuesday, 2024 April 30 T 08:27Re-wrote web server again, sort of

I re-wrote my web server again. Well, sort of. I took it off the home-made web server I had written & moved it to S3 + Cloud Front.

timestampFriday, 2022 July 15 T 07:55Re-wrote web server

I re-wrote my web server.

timestampSaturday, 2022 May 14 T 08:31I watched The Sweet Sound of Death

I also reviewed it & did a little analysis. tpy75.html

timestampWednesday, 2022 February 2 T 09:07API doesn't mean what you think it means

People are misusing the term API. d2h10.html

timestampTuesday, 2022 February 1 T 07:28the most powerful tools of humans

The two most powerful tools of humans are language and organized collective action.

We invented language. Nobody in the world uses language the way we do. Be proud.

These tools are so powerful that they tend to use us.

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