Review of SANDY HOOK - The Documentary

by Gene Michael Stover

created Sunday, 2013-07-28 T 20:22:28Z
updated Sunday, 2014-06-08 T 05:17:00Z

This is my review of SANDY HOOK - The Documentary, by Mark Howitt.

"SANDY HOOK - The Documentary" is a movie about the disaster that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conneticut, USA, on 2012-12-14.

I watched the version on YouTube on 2013-07-28. It has two parts:

publication datedurationlink
2013-01-19 1:29:26 part 1/2
2013-01-25 1:27:25 part 2/2


As a recounting of the events of the disaster and how the news story of them evolved, it couldn't be better. Nevertheless, it promotes the idea that the disaster was a false flag operation, perpretrated to create outrage against gun owners which the government could then use to take away your guns.

Was the disaster faked?

The movie is suspicious of the disaster because the news story changed during & shortly after the disaster. The movie's explanation for this is that it was a faked disaster. Fail! Instead of being evidence of a conspiracy, the changing news story is evidence of something more insidius: Our news system repeatedly fails to inform. The news companies are so eager to be the first to present something that they mislead. Also, they fail to analyze; the news coverage is superficial & promotes superficial understanding of our world.

The movie's maker should have replaced that idea with a separate documentary that discusses the systemic failure of news industry of our time in the USA & how that damages our democracy.

The movie points out some legitimately suspicious details in coverage of the disaster. For example, they show that a non-negligible number of resources on the web are dated before the disaster even though their content would suggest that they were written after it.

This documentary was the first time I had heard of Mark Howitt. In spite of my gripes with the movie, it was good enough overall that I plan to watch more documentaries by Mr. Howitt.