The corporate surveillance machine in action

by Gene Michael Stover

created Friday, 2013-06-21 T 12:53:19Z
updated Friday, 2013-06-21 T 13:08:47Z

I'm watching some "Let's Play" videos on You Tube. I do that often. Many are preceded by ads. I usually notice the ads on You Tube because they are for products that couldn't interest me less: rap music albums, motorcycles, Volvos, beauty products.

Today, the ads are consistently for vacation packages in Las Vegas. That's kind of weird. After months of ads that are all over the spectrum of uninteresting products, 4 of 4 ads so far this morning are specifically for vacations in Las Vegas. Why could that be? Hmmm...

Then I remembered that, yesterday, I reserved a room at a hotel on a nearby island for this weekend. I sent my girlfriend an e-mail with the reservation details.

So the hotel blabbed about my reservation, the credit card company blabbed, or Google snooped my girlfriend's e-mail (& blabbed). And the blabs ultimately worked their way to You Tube, which now thinks I'm interested in vacations in Las Vegas.

By the way, You Tube is owned by Google. Maybe that's evidence that Google snooped & blabbed.