Ancient Undelete Programs

Gene Michael Stover

created Saturday, 11 January 2003
updated Wednesday, 23 March 2003

Copyright © 2003 by Gene Michael Stover. All rights reserved. Permission to copy, transmit, store, & view this document unmodified & in its entirety is granted.

A long time ago, I found some ancient programs to undelete files. They aren't for any operating system in common use these days. I think they were for DECUS or some other OS that ran on Vaxen. So for your hacking curiosity & enjoyment, here they are.

The only change I've made is to remove some "$" characters from a string in undelete2.c so my own RCS won't replace the RCS Id string in that file with the current date & time when I checkin the file to my own RCS. Since I'm interested in the file for historical reasons, I'd like to preserve the date & time that are in it now.

I notice that undelete1.c uses some unusual dialect of C. Or maybe it's just making (ab)use of the C preprocessor, much as people did in the mid-1980s when they #defined the hell out of C to make it look like Pascal.