When is war used?

by Gene Michael Stover

created Monday, 2014-06-09 T 15:39:15Z
updated Tuesday, 2014-06-10 T 03:52:53Z

Maybe, just maybe, war can be a rational response to an existential threat. Maybe. I'm sure it's inappropriate in any other situation.

Let's look at when the USA goes to war. Just a sampling.

situationexistential?war?what we call it
Fascism, Anti-semitismmaybeyesWorld War 2
RussianoyesCold War
Korean civil warnoyesKorean War
communism civil warnoyesVietnam
povertymaybeyesWar on Poverty
drugsnoyesWar on Drugs
terrorismnoyesHomeland Security
Afghanistannoyesrevenge for 9/11
Iraqnoyesrevenge for 9/11
climage changeyesno

Excercise for the reader: Why would the USA go to war so often if not to defend itself from existential crises? (Keep your answer to yourself, or tell someone else. I'm not actually asking you.)