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2022 Jul 15

1899 Dec 31Jason H. StoverKWIC concordances, word senses and geometric sums of stationary random variables
2002 Sep 16Darius BaconA Hacker's Introduction to Partial Evaluation
2003 Oct 01ITU-TX.680 ASN.1 Amendment 1: Support for EXTENDED-XER
1991 Jan 01anonymousThe People With Holes In Their Heads
1487 Jan 03Heinrich KramerMalleus Maleficarum
1997 Jan 01VaX#n8The Source of All Tape Knowledge
2002 Jul 01ITU-TX.682 ASN.1 Constraint specification
2002 Jul 01ITU-TX.680 Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
2002 Apr 09Larry ClappLisp with Vim
1985 Jan 01Tony KarpBabbage - The Language Of The Future
2022 Jan 22Jean ZeeJean Zee (Second Life blog)
1899 Dec 31A UO Gold FarmerConfessions of a UO Gold Farmer
2021 Nov 02Jean ZeeAuthentication for scripts in Second Life & the web servers they talk to
1987 Jan 01Leon MyersonStar Trek Technology
2007 Mar 07Wikipedia editorssilent_hill_wikipedia_2007.pdf
2001 Dec 01ITU-TX.693 ASN.1 XML Encoding Rules (XER)
2002 Mar 18ITU-TITU-T X.692 Series X: Data Networks and Open System Communications OSI networking and system aspects Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
2002 Apr 06Tim MooreCLOSminded: Slot Accessor Names Matter
2002 Jun 01Jason H. StoverA rate of convergence for a particular estimate of a noise-contaminated chaotic time series
2021 Oct 04Jean ZeeKeeping secrets in your LSL scripts