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123 Sesame Street
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2007 July 31

Hon. Dave Reichert
1223 Longworth House Office Building
Washington DC 20515

Dear Representative Reichert:

I'm writing to urge you to impeach President George W. Bush. Charges against Mister Bush could include:

  1. He has conducted illegal, un-warranted surveillance on American citizens. This violates the Fourth Amendment & FISA.
  2. He has refused the right of due process to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay & elsewhere. This violates the Sixth & Seventh Amendments.
  3. He has approved of the torture of these prisoners, again in violation of the Eighth Amendment.
  4. He has approved of the kidnapping & transportation of people to secret prisons.
  5. He invaded Iraq, a country which did not attack us & did not pose a threat to us.
  6. He has abused "executive privilege".
  7. He has used signing statements as if to create law. (The executive branch doesn't make laws.)

These crimes are serious. They surpass party loyalty. It is your duty to impeach George W. Bush.

Thank you for your time,
Gene Michael Stover

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