Test app privacy policy

Gene Michael Stover (gene@acm.org)

created Sunday, 2022 May 8

original at https://cybertiggyr.com/yday5.html

My authentication test application is located at https://9s06b938da.execute-api.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/.

It allows you to register & login from some of the identity providers such as Amazon, Google, & Apple. (Maybe more. Maybe not all of those.)

It shows you the information about you that those systems provided. To experiment with logout & login (again), it must save the information. When you delete your account, it deletes that information. It does not show the information to anyone else (except possibly me as I debug the system). It does not send the information to other systems.

The information requested is minimal: name, e-mail, & a user identifier.

If you don't want this information collected, do not login to my system. If you have already done so, delete your account (which will delete any information collected & stored).

My test application does not perform other services. It's simply to allow me & you (if you so choose) to see how login via an identity provider works.