2021 Sep 24

Brute force password attacks + your router's guest wifi / 2021-09-19 T 09:03

According to Kaspersky, even as late as the year 2020, most of the incidents they ivestigated involved brute force password attacks.[kaspersky]

Reminds me of telling someone to use a password manager & not to “have a system” for making memorable passwords. Even in the year 2020, they reply “I have a good system” which they then describe to you because it's so clever[sarcasm].

This is why your router offers a guest wifi network & why even your {girl, boy, whatever}friend gets that passcode, not the one to your real network.

When to use the Tor browser / 2021-09-03 T 08:22

Don't ask “When should I use the Tor browser?” That's the wrong question. f2byk.html

another blog entry / 2021-09-02 T 20:52

Nothing to see here unless it's an error message. Move along (but thank you for peeking).

start a blog / 2021-09-02 T 12:24

Let's reorganize this, my ancient web site. Short blog(?) entries that say short things or link to longer things. And longer things in their own files (as they already are).

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