Jean Zee (Second Life blog)

by Jean Zee (a.k.a. CmpZ)

created Wednesday, 2021 September 28
updated Saturday, 2022 January 22

In Second Life, my display name is Jean Zee. My username is CmpZ. I like to explore (who doesn't?) & program in LSL.

Group-Oriented, Polite Parcel Orb (2022 January 22)


How web servers & objects in 2nd L can authenticate (2021 Sep 29)

I gather that some web servers have determined whether their clients are objects in Second Life by performing a DNS reverse lookup. Here's a better way to do it: ”Authentication for scripts in Second Life & the web servers they talk to

Play (2021 Sep 28)

First entry. My aesthetic skills are so poor that... Please forgive me. Maybe they'll improve.

If you want to contact me, please do it in-world (in Second Life). My display name is “Jean Zee” & my username is CmpZ. Instant messages are okay, & so are notecards.

That's all for now!